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Anthony (Grabbe) of New York

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Count Alexei Georgievich Grabbe was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia on [[June 22]], 1926, the son of Count George Pavlovich Grabbe, the future Bishop [[Gregory (Grabbe) of Washington and Florida|Gregory]] of the [[Russian Orthodox Orthodox Church Outside of Russia]]. The Grabbe family was in Yugoslavia as refuges following the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Alexei attended a Russian cadet school in Serbian town of Bela Crkva until it was closed by the invading Germans early in World War II. He then attended a Russian grammar school in Belgrade, Yugoslavia until he was conscripted into the pro-Nazi, anti-bolshevik force of the former Soviet General Andrei Vlasov.
Sent to a prisoner-of-war camp at the end of World War II awaiting reparation to the Soviet Union, Alexei was rescued by his brother Dmitri before his deportation. Reaching Munich, Germany, which was under American control, the two brothers joined their father George Grabbe who had move the headquarters of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia to Munich from Yugoslavia to escape the communist takeover of Yugoslavia.

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