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1919 to 1936
*1923 [[Alexis of Teklati|Alexis]] (Shushania), hieromonk of Teklati, Georgia, venerable, [[January 18]]; John, priest and New Hieromartyr, [[March 8]], Seraphim Nikolsky, Hieroschemamonk, new hieromartyr, [[May 31]]; [[Alexei Mechev|Alexius Mechev]], priest of Moscow, [[June 9]]; Agafangel (Preobrazhensky) of Yaroslavl, [[October 3]], Nicholas, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[September 3]];
*1924 Antonina, Abbess of Kizliar, New Hieromartyr, [[March 1]]; Jonah Atamansk, priest of Odessa, [[May 17]]; Nazarius, metropolitan of Kutaisi, Georgia, with Priest-martyrs Herman, Hierotheus, and Simon, and Archdeacon Bessarion, new hieromartyrs, [[August 14]]; Euthymius priest, New Hieromartyr, with 4 martyrs, [[September 3]]; [[Arsenios the Cappadocian]], [[November 10]];
*1925 [[Tikhon of Moscow]], (b. 1865), [[March 25]]; [[Gregory of metropolis of Thessaloniki and Heraclea|Gregory]] (Kallidis) metropolis of Thessaloniki and Heraclea, [[July 25]]; [[Anatole (Kamensky)of Irkutsk|Anatole (Kamensky)]], archbishop of Irkutsk, New Hieromartyr, [[September 20]]; Anna the Martyr, [[September 28]]; St. [[Jonah of Manchuria]], Bishop of Hankou (b. 1922), [[October 7]];
*1926 [[Macarius of Moscow|Macarius]], metropolitan of Moscow, apostle to the Altai, [[February 16]]
*1927 [[Ambrose (Khelaia) the Confessor|Ambrose]] the Confessor, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, [[March 16]]; Matthew, Hieromonk of Yaramsk in Vyatka, [[May 14]] Alexander, priest, New Hieromartyr, [[July 25]]; Victor the hegumen, with brotherhood, Martyrs of Zelenetsk, [[November 11]];

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