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Athanasius III Dabbas of Antioch

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His Beatitude '''Athanasius III Dabbas of Antioch''' was Patriarch of the [[Church of Antioch]] for two periods: from 1686 to 1694 and from 1720 to 1724. From 1705 to 1710 he was Archbishop of Cyprus. <ref>He is known as ''Athanasius III'' in the patriarchal lists of Korolevski, and Skaff, as ''Athanasius IV'' in the list of Costantius.</ref> Patr. Athanasius III was the last [[patriarch]] of the Church of Antioch before the split of 1724 when the Church now called the [[Melkite Greek Catholic Church]] separated from the Church of Antioch which remained in communion with the [[Church of Constantinople]].
Athanasius Dabbas was a prolific writer and publisher. His masterwork, ''History of the Patriarchate of Antioch from Saint Peter to 1202'' was written in Greek and translated also in Latin. In 1701, he also edited and published liturgical texts, such as a Liturgicon, that was used by Melkite Greek Catholic Church until 1839 and, in 1702, an Horologion.
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