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Philaret (Drozdov) of Moscow

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[[Image:PhilaretPatMoscow.jpg|right|thumb|225px|St. Philaret of Moscow]]Our father among the saints '''Philaret (Drozdov)''' was [[Metropolitan]] of Moscow from 1821 to 1867. He was [[glorification|glorified ]] by the [[Russian Orthodox Church]] in 1995. His [[feast day]] is celebrated on [[November 19]].
Metropolitan Philaret (Vassily Mikhailovich Drozdov) was born [[December 26]], 1782, in Kolomna, a Moscow Province, into the family of a [[deacon]] who later became a [[priest]].
*From 1791, Vassily Drozdov studied in the Kolomna [[Seminary]], where courses were taught in Latin.
*From March of 1800, he studied in the [[Moscow Theological Academy and Seminary|Moscow Holy Trinity Theological Seminary]], where he completed his degree on [[December 21]], 1803. Upon graduation, he was assigned to his alma mater as a professor of Greek and Hebrew. *On [[November 16]], 1808, V.M. Drozdov was [[tonsure]]d a [[monk]] with the name ''Philaret'' after St. Philaret the Merciful ([[December 1]]). In November 1808, Monk Philaret was [[ordination|ordained]] a [[hierodeacon]], and on [[March 1]], 1809, he was assigned as Dean of Students of the St. Petersburg Theological Seminary and professor of Philosophy at the [[St. Petersburg Theological Academy]].
*On [[March 28]], 1809, Philaret was ordained a [[hieromonk]] and in August 1809 was appointed Dean of the St. [[Alexander Nevsky]] Theological School.
*On [[February 8]], 1810, he received a bachelor's degree from the St. Petersburg Theological Academy.
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