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Archdiocese of Zambia

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The Holy '''Archdiocese of Zambiaand Malawi''' is a an [[diocesearchdiocese]] under the [[jurisdiction]] of the Greek Orthodox [[Church of Alexandria|Patriarchate of Alexandria]] and All Africa. Its territory includes the [[parish]]es and missions located in the nation nations of Zambiaand Malawi.
The Archdiocese was originally established as the Diocese of Zambia by a Patriarchal and Synodal decree on [[February 22]], 2001with jurisdiction over Zambia. On [[October 6]], 2009, the [[diocese]] was elevated to an archdiocese with jurisdiction over Zambia and Malawi. The [[see]] of the archdiocese is located in Lusaka, Zambia.
==Ruling Bishops==
[[Ioakeim (Kontobas) of Zambia|Ioakeim (Kontobas)]] 2004-Present
*[ Patriarchate of Alexandria Diocese website]
*[ Holy Archidiocese of Zambia and Malawi]
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