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Nicephorus Gregoras

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In 1328, emperor Andronicus was dethroned by his grandson Andronicus III Palaeologus. With the downfall of his patron, Gregoras, as was the custom, shared his downfall and retired into private life. Gregoras remained loyal to the elder Andronicus. After the elder Andronicus' death Gregoras succeeded in gaining the favor of his grandson, who appointed him to take part in the unsuccessful negotiations in 1333 with the ambassadors of Pope John XXII concerning union of the Greek and Latin churches.
Gregoras later took an important part in the [[Hesychasm|Hesychast]] controversy, in which he violently opposed [[Gregorius Gregory Palamas]], the chief supporter of the doctrine. After Palamas' position was recognized at the [[synod]] of 1351, Gregoras, who refused to agree, was practically imprisoned in a [[monastery]] until 1355. Nothing is known of his repose.

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