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Holy Orthodox Church in North America

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Hierarchs, Metropolises and Parishes
===Hierarchs, Metropolises and Parishes===
Today, HOCNA consists of Holy Transfiguration Monastery and an estimated 30 20 parishes throughout the United States and Canada, the most famous of which is St Nektarios American Orthodox Cathedral in Seattle, Washington[]. Administratively, HOCNA is divided into 3 metropolises - Boston, Seatle, and Toronto. HOCNA currently has five three hierarchs. All except one (Sergios) were monks at Holy Transfiguration Monastery for ten years or more.
* Ephraim, Metropolitan of Boston
* Makarios, Metropolitan of Toronto
* Moses, Metropolitan of Portland
* Sergios, Suffragan Bishop of Loch Lomond (and abbot of St. Gregory of Sinai Monastery)
* Demetrius, Suffragan Bishop of Carlisle
In 2011, after several years of controversy over the autonomous canonical status of HOCNA and the relatively recent controversy regarding the posthumous salvation of non-Orthodox taught by Metropolitan Ephraim and Archimandrite Panteleimon, the entire Metropolis of Portland (along with its bishops, Metropolitan Moses and his suffragan Bishop Sergius) and all the parishes of the Metropolis of Toronto (without the cathedral and the person of Metropolitan Makarios), were received by the [[Genuine Greek Orthodox Church of America]]. Other clergy, including the dean of clergy of the Metropolis of Boston and rector of Holy Nativity Convent, also joined the Genuine Greek Orthodox Church of America along with the above clergy and bishops.<ref>Fr. Panagiotes Carras. ''[ An Announcement].'' YAHOO! Groups - OrthodoxInfo. Fri Jun 3, 2011 2:35am.</ref>
===Monastic communities===

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