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Soter of Rome

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[[Bishop]] Soter was born in Fondi, Campania, Italy of Greek ancestry.<ref>[ Soter]</ref> [[Dionysius of Corinth]] praised him for his charity towards needy Christians to whom he gave support as exiles and those who had been condemned to the mines.<ref>''Martyrologium Romanum'' (Libreria Editrice Vaticana 2001 ISBN 88-209-7210-7)</ref> Bp. Soter is known for declaring that [[marriage]] was valid only as a [[sacrament]] blessed by a [[priest]]. He also formally inaugurated the celebration of [[Pascha]] as an annual festival in Rome.<ref>[</ref>]
While Bp. Soter has not been recognized as a [[martyr]], traditionally he has been considered one. He reposed in 174.
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