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Panteleimon of Neapolis

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In December 1922, he was reported to have met the American president Warren Harding whom the archbishop made a “Knight of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher,” and gave him a splinter of wood from the [[True Cross]] enclosed in a gold box set with diamonds. Abp. Panteleimon's actions in the United States caused complaints of his interfering in the affairs of the local church. On [[March 12]], 1924, Patr. [[Gregory VII of Constantinople]] wrote to Patr. [[Damianus of Jerusalem]] concerning Abp. Panteleimon's meddling. In September 1924, the Greek Bishop [[Philaret (Ioannides) of Chicago|Philaret of Chicago]] complained to his superior, Abp. [[Alexander (Demoglou) of Rodostolou|Alexander (Demoglou)]] of America, of his trespassing.
Abp. Panteleimon also [[ordination|ordained]] as a [[priest]] the young Greek man [[Joachim (Nicholaides) of St. Anne's Skete|John Nicholaides]] who later returned to Greece and became the [[Mount Athos|Athonite]] ascetic, Elder Joachim of St. Anne’s Skete.[[]]
Abp. Panteleimon remained in the United States for a number of years. In January 1931 he was recalled by the Patriarchate of Jerusalem.
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