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Epistle of Polycarp

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The Letter to the Philippians is connected with the [[martyr]]dom of St. Ignatius of Antioch. Ignatius passed through Smyrna about the year 110 on his journey to Rome where he suffered martyrdom. He was well received by the church of Smyrna, Polycarp, and its [[bishop]]s before his guards took him to Philippi where again the local Christians visited him. The Philippians having learned that St. Ignatius had corresponded with Polycarp and other churches in Asia Minor, subsequently requested copies of these letters from Polycarp.
Polycarp responded with his Letter to the Philippians that, in addition to being the cover letter for the copies of St. Ignatius' letters they had requested, urged the faithful of Philippi to stand fast in their faith, avoid heretical teachings, look to the example of those who were martyred such as St. Ignatius and his companions [[Rufus and Zosimus|Zosimus and Rufus]], and to persevere in philanthropy and good works.
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