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Athanasius II (Pattelarus) of Constantinople

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Little is known about Athanasius other than that he was born in Crete early in the fifteenth century. He was elected [[patriarch ]] of Constantinople in 1450, succeeding the [[deposition|deposed]] [[Gregory III of Constantinople|Gregory III]] , as the Ottoman Turks prepared for their successful attack on the city. Escaping from the fallen Constantinople, he retired to [[Mount Athos]] where he settled into a [[monasticism|monastic]] house on the site of the old Monastery of Xistrou that he dedicated to St. [[Anthony the Great]].
At a later date he left Athos for a [[monastery]] in Ukraine where he reposed at an unknown date.
His [[cell]] at Mt. Athos eventually became the base on which the [[Skete of St. Andrew (Athos)|Skete of St. Andrew]], a dependency of the [[Vatopedi Monastery (Athos)|Monastery of Vatopedi]], was founded.
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