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Anthony (Bloom) of Sourozh

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[[Image:Anthony_Bloom.jpg|right|frame|Metropolitan Anthony (Bloom) of Sourozh]]
His Eminence Metropolitan '''Anthony Bloom''' (June 6, 1914 - [[August 4]], 2003) was [[bishop]] of the [[Diocese of Sourozh]], the [[Church of Russia|Russian Orthodox Church]] in Great Britain and Ireland.
He was born in Lausanne, Switzerland. He spent his early childhood in Russia and Persia, his father being a member of the Russian Imperial Diplomatic Corps. His mother was the sister of Alexander Scriabin, the composer. During the Bolshevik Revolution the family had to leave Persia, and in 1923 they settled in Paris where the future metropolitan was educated, graduating in physics, chemistry and biology, and taking his doctorate in medicine, at the University of Paris.
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title=[[Exarch]] of the [[Church of Russia|Moscow Patriarchate]] in Western Europe|
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