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Life-Giving Spring

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[[Image:Theotokos the Life-Giving Font.jpg|thumb|right|Icon of the Theotokos the Life-Giving Font. 17th c.]]
:''This article is about the [[feast day]] of the Life-Giving Spring. For the historic monastery see [[Church of the Life-Giving Font of the Theotokos (Istanbul)]].''
The '''Life-Giving Spring''' or '''Life-Giving Font''' of the [[Theotokos|Mother of God]] (Greek: Ζωοδόχος Πηγή; Russian: живоносного источникаЖивоносный Источник) is both the a [[feast day]] of in the Orthodox Church that is associated with [[w:Church of St. Mary the Life-Giving Font of the Spring Theotokos (Istanbul)|a historic church]] just west of Constantinople in [[w:Balıklı, Istanbul|Valoukli]], and as well as an icon of the [[Theotokos]].
The [[feast day]] of the Life-Giving Spring is commemorated on [[w:Easter Friday|Bright Friday]] of each year (the Friday following [[Pascha]]), being the only feast day which may be celebrated during [[Bright Week]], while the commemoration of the Life-Giving Spring ''[[Icon]]'' of the Most Holy [[Theotokos]] is observed on [[April 4]].
[[Image:Saint Mary Of The Spring.jpg|right|thumb|The [[w:Holy well|Holy well]] (Hagiasma) of the Church of the Life Giving Font (Istanbul).]]
[[Image:Procession-Feast of Zoodohos Pigi-Arcadia,Greece-1950s.jpg|thumb|right|Procession on the [[feast day]] of the Life-giving Spring, [[w:Bright Friday|Bright Friday]] 1959, [[w:Arcadia|Arcadia]], Greece.]]
There are two accounts extant concerning the revelation of the Life-Giving Font just outside the City of Constantinople. It is likely that in either case, before the 5th-6th century monastery was erected, a shrine was already in existence with a [[w:Spring (hydrosphere)|spring of water]] , near a grove of trees was already in existence, and was dedicated to the [[Theotokos]] from early times. Over time, the grove became had become overgrown and the spring became fetid.<ref>Archpriest Feodor S. Kovalchuk. ''Wonder-Working Icons of the Theotokos.'' Youngstown OH: Central Satates Deanery, 1985. pp.67–70.</ref><br>
'''Nicephorus Callistus'''<br>
In Orthodox hymnography, the ''Theotokos'' is frequently compared with a ''Holy Fountain''. The hymns and prayers of the feast are combined with the Paschal hymns, and there is often a Lesser [[Holy water|Blessing of Waters]] performed after the [[Divine Liturgy]] on [[w:Easter Friday|Bright Friday]]. In old [[Church of Russia|Russia]], continuing Greek traditions, there was a custom to sanctify springs that were located near churches, dedicate them to the [[Theotokos|Holy Mother]], and paint icons of her under [[Theotokonymia|the title]] ''The Life Giving Spring''.<ref>Kristina Kondratieva (Global Art Communications project). ''[ Panagia The Life Giving Spring].'' Yuriy Kuznetsov: Icons of the XXI Century. Accessed: 2011-05-19.</ref>
 [[Troparion|Apolytikion]] in the Third (Tone3)<ref name="GOARCHOMHKSEA">[[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Metropolitanate of AmericaHong Kong and Southeast Asia]]. ''[ Renewal Bright Friday: Theotokos of the Lifegiving Font].''Accessed: 2011-09-28.</ref>
:As a life-giving fount, thou didst conceive the Dew that is transcendent in essence,
:Rejoice, O thou Spring of life for all men.
[[Kontakion]] ([[Tone]] 8)<ref name="OCA"/><ref name="GOARCH"/>
[[Kontakion]] (Plagal of Tone 4)<ref name="OMHKSEA"/>:O most favored Lady graced by God, :You confer on you reward me by letting gush forth, beyond reason, :the healing ever-flowing waters of your grace from your inexhaustible perpetual Spring. :ThereforeI entreat you, since you gave birth incomprehensibly to who bore the WordLogos, in a manner beyond comprehension, :I implore you to refresh me with the dew of in your grace that I might may cry to you: out, :Hail, O Water of salvation“Hail redemptive waters.
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