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* Stefano Ferracuti, Roberto Sacco, and Renato Lazzari. "[ ''Dissociative Trance Disorder: Clinical and Rorschach Findings in Ten Persons Reporting Demon Possession and Treated by Exorcism.'']" In '''Journal of Personality Assessment''', 1996, Vol 66, No. 3, pp.525-539.
* Hayward, Rhodri (Rhodri Lloyd). ''Demonology, Neurology, and Medicine in Edwardian Britain.'' '''Bulletin of the History of Medicine''', Volume 78, Number 1, Spring 2004. pp.37-58.
: (''Explores the points of contact between the medical and demonological communities in order to demonstrate the contested nature of biomedical innovation. Keywords: demonology, psychiatry, neurology, germ theory, possession.'')
* O. H. Karahodina. ''[ Phenomenon of Religious Experience in the Structure of Feelings of Individuals with Mental Disturbances]''. In '''Lik Sprava'''. January 2002, Issue 7, pp.32-36. '''[in Ukrainian]'''.

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