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Meletius IV (Metaxakis) of Constantinople

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==Later life==
After his retirement from the Constantinople Patriarchate, he was elected Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa in and was [[enthronement|enthroned]] as Meletius II of Alexandria on [[May 20]], 1926. He served until his death on [[July 28]], 1935, and was buried in Cairo, Egypt.
According to a listing of famous Greek Freemasons on the official website of the Grand Lodge of Greece{{ref|1}} (''Megali Stoas Tis Ellados''), Meletius Metaxakis is listed as a Freemason in the Lodge: "ΑΡΜΟΝΙΑ" (HARMONY):
*[[w:el:Μελέτιος Μεταξάκης|''Μελέτιος Μεταξάκης'' at Wikipedia (Greek)]]
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