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Sophronius IV of Alexandria

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His Beatitude, '''Sophronius III''' was Patriarch of Constantinople from 1863 to 1866. He also served as '''Sophronius IV''' Patriarch of Alexandria from 1870 to 1899.
==Life==Little is known of the early life of Patr. Sophroniusother than his birth in 1798. In 1866, he became involved in a dispute that the [[Archbishop]] of Sinai, Cyril Byzantius, had with his [[monk]]s. To obtain help in settling the dispute Abp. Cyril approached, by letter, the [[Patriarch]] of Constantinople instead of the Patriarch of Jerusalem, who had traditionally enthroned the ruling [[bishop]] of Sinai. Patr. Sophronius supported Abp. Cyril against the monks, but the Patriarch of Jerusalem objected to this interference by [[Church of Constantinople|Constantinople]] in the affairs at [[Mount Sinai]], noting his, the Patriarch of Constantinople's, "anti-canonical interference and his foreign and unknown authority", <ref>[[]] Claude Delaval Cobham, ''The Patriarchs of Constantinople'', Adrian Fortescue, Introduction I, p38</ref> and summoned a [[synod]]. The synod supported the Patriarch of Jerusalem and [[deposition|deposed]] Abp. Cyril, and also Patr. Sophronius resigned from the [[see]] in Constantinople.
In 1870, Sophronius was elected After his election to the [[see]] of the Patriarch of Alexandria Sophronius was [[enthronement|enthroned]] as Sophronius IVon [[June 11]], 1870. He was a compromise candidate in a disputed election. In September 1872, Patr. Sophronius participated in the council in Constantinople that condemned as [[schism|schismatic]] the action by the Bulgarian Exarchate ([[Church of Bulgaria|Bulgarian Orthodox Church]]) declaring itself [[autocephaly|autocephalous]] as recognized by the [[Ottoman Turk Documents|firman]] of Sultan Abdülaziz I of the [[Ottoman empire|Ottoman Empire]].
He served in Alexandria as until his death in on [[September 3]], 1899.
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