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Theodore (Rafalsky) of Sydney

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The Right Reverend '''Theodore (Rafalsky)''' was the first [[bishop]] of the [[Diocese of Australia and New Zealand (ROCOR)|Diocese of Australia and New Zealand]] within the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia]]. He was accepted from the autonomous Ukrainian Orthodox Church into the Russian Orthodox Church Ourside Russia on [[May 6]], 1946, and became the first bishop of Australia and New Zealand, posted in Brisbane.
Even though he was accepted by ROCOR in 1946, the stringent entry requirements during the early part of the Cold War, stringent requirements for both acquiring an Australian visa and for obtaining medical clearance , meant that Bp . Theodore was not able to take up his post until November 1948. He served the Church in Australia and New Zealand between from 1948 and until his repose on [[May 6]], 1955, when he reposed and . He was buried at his [[cathedral]] in Sydney, Australia.

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