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Theodore (disambiguation)

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Theodore Graptus "the Branded"
*[[Theodore the Studite]], monk, opponent of iconoclasm, and hymnographer [[November 11]] (d. 826).
*Patr. [[Theodore I of Rome]], [[November 24]] (d. 642)
*[[Theodore Graptus "the Branded"]] (gr, confessor, brother of St. "Graptos", ''"[[Theophanes the Confessor|Theophanes the Written"''Hymnographer and Confessor]] (see [[October 11]]), [[December 27]] (d. ''c,'' 840), brother of [[Theophanes the Confessor]].
*Theodore of Smolensk, Prince of Smolensk and Yaroslavl', 13th century
*Theodore Kvelteli, Theodore Priest († 1609), Georgian hero.

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