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Benjamin (Peterson) of San Francisco

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On [[November 15]], 1987, Vincent joined the [[Major orders|Holy Orders]] when he was [[ordination|ordained]] a [[deacon]]. He continuing serving at the Holy Virgin Cathedral for ten years as deacon and education director. In 1988, Vincent chose a [[monasticism|monastic]] life and was [[tonsure]]d, by Bishop Tikhon of San Francisco, a rassophore [[monk]] and given the name Benjamin. Subsequently, Dn. Benjamin was tonsured to the lesser Schema by [[Herman (Swaiko) of Washington and New York|Abp. Herman]] of Philadelphia at [[St. Tikhon's Orthodox Monastery (South Canaan, Pennsylvania)|St. Tikhon’s Monastery]] in South Canaan, Pennsylvania. In 1991, Hierodeacon Benjamin was elevated to archdeacon. On [[July 19]], 1997, Hierodeacon Benjamin was ordained to the Holy [[Priest]]hood by Bishop Tikhon.
In 1999, Hieromonk Benjamin was transferred to the [[Diocese of Alaska (OCA)|Diocese of Alaska]]. Initially in Alaska, Hierodeacon Benjamin served as dean of St. Innocent Cathedral in Anchorage, and later he was named administrative dean of [[St. Herman's Orthodox Theological Seminary (Kodiak, Alaska)|St Herman’s Seminary]] in Kodiak. In 2002, he was elevated to the rank of [[archimandrite]]. In January 2004, Archimandrite Benjamin returned to the Holy Virgin Cathedral in Los Angeles as the pastor. While in Los Angeles he was appointed [[Chancellor ]] of the Diocese of the West.
In March 2004, Archimandrite Benjamin was elected to the episcopacy by the [[Synod]] of Bishops of the OCA and assigned as [[auxiliary bishop]] in the Diocese of the West. His [[consecration of a bishop|consecration]] as Bishop of Berkeley took place at Holy Trinity Cathedral in San Francisco on [[May 1]], 2004. After the retirement of Abp. Tikhon of San Francisco in 2007, Bp. Benjamin was elected to the [[see]] of San Francisco. He was installed as ruling bishop on [[October 2]], 2007.

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