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108-124 (3rd) Persection of Christians under Emperor Trajan and continuing under Emperor Hadrian.
*160 ''Marcian, heretic, dies.''
*161 Second Apology by [[Justin the Philosopher]].
*165 ''Valentium, Gnostic heretic, dies''; [[Justin Martyr]] and disciples denounced as Christian, scourged and beheaded for refusing to sacrifice; ''Peregrinus Proteus becomes Christian and leader of a synagogue, then takes up the life of a Cynic. He ends his life by burning himself on a pyre at the Olympiad of 165 in Athens.''; [[Leucius the Confessor]], 1st Bishop of Brindisi ordained.
*166 The Holy Martyrs [[Justin the Philosopher]], Chariton, Euelpistos, Ierax, Peonus, Valerian, Justus and the Martyress Charita, beheaded [[June 1]].
*167 [[Abercius of Hieropolis]], wonderworker and Equal to the Apostles [[November 4]]
*180 [[Leucius the Confessor]], 1st Bp. of Brindisi, [[June 20]].
====177-180 (4th) Persecutions of Christians under Emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-180)====

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