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Second Century (101-200) the sub-Apostolic Age
;177-180 (4th) Persecutions of Christians under Emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-180).
*177 Pothinus, Bp. of Lyons, Blandina, Ponticus at others martyr in Lyons dying in the "odor of sanctity".
*180 '''[[Paraskevi|Paraskevi the Parthenomartyr]]''', [[July 26]]; Protomartyr [[Dyfan of Merthyr]] first martyr in of the British Isles, [[May 14]]; The twelve [[w:Scillitan Martyrs|Scillitan Martyrs]] <ref>The account of Scillitan Martyrs is based on trial records, though it has been embellished with miraculous and apocryphal material.</ref> executed in Scillium of North Africa the earliest documented martyrdom of the [[Church of Africa]], [[July 17]]; ''Marcus Aurelius dies of plague''.
*190 Melito, Bp. of Sardis dies.
*200 ''c.-202'' [[Irenaeus of Lyons]] dies, possibly martyrdom.

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