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Second Century (101-200) the sub-Apostolic Age
;108-124 (3rd) Persection of Christians under Emperor Trajan and continuing under Emperor Hadrian.
*112 ''c.-116'' [[Zacchaeus of Jerusalem|Zacchaeus]], fourth Bp. of Jerusalem [[August 23]].*120 ''c.''Martyrdom of [[Eleutherios of Illyria|Eleutherios]], Bp. of Illyria, and his mother Anthia, [[December 15]].*130 ''c.130 '' Death of [[Apostle Quadratus]], of the Seventy; [[Papias]], Bp. of Heriopolis and apostolic father.
*138 [[Telephorus of Rome|Telephorus]], Bp. of Rome, the only 2nd-century pope who's martyrdom is historically verifiable.
*155 [[Polycarp of Smyrna|Polycarp]], Bp. of Smyrna, martyred by being burned to death in the arena in Smyrna.{{citation|I need help on this date. Apparantly, this date is attributed to the '''writing''' "Martyrdom of Polycarp" and that he died in ca. 86. However, this is earlier than St. John - is that possible?}}
*180 [[Dyfan of Merthyr]] first martyr in British Isles, [[May 14]]; The twelve [[w:Scillitan Martyrs|Scillitan Martyrs]] <ref>The account of Scillitan Martyrs is based on trial records, though it has been embellished with miraculous and apocryphal material.</ref> executed in Scillium of North Africa the earliest documented martyrdom of the [[Church of Africa]], [[July 17]]; ''Marcus Aurelius dies of plague''.
*190 Melito, Bp. of Sardis dies.
*200 ''c.200-202 '' [[Irenaeus of Lyons]] dies, possibly martyrdom.

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