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Pitirim of Moscow

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'''Pitirim of Moscow''', also '''Pitirim of Krutitsy''' (Russian: Питирим Крутицкий), was the Patriarch of Moscow during the years 1672 and 1673. He also served as [[locum tenens]] for the [[cathedra]] of Moscow from 1658 to 1667, the period during which Patr. [[Nikon of Moscow|Nikon]] divested himself of his patriarchal vestments and retired to the New Jerusalem Monastery founded by him near Moscow.

Little is known of the early life of Patr. Pitirim. He became [[metropolitan]] of Krutitsy during the time that Patr. Nikon was in office. The residence of the [[bishop]] of Krutitsy was near Moscow, now in the [[w:Tagansky District|Tagansky District of Moscow]]. The metropolitan of Krutitsy was the successor to the [[bishop]] of the [[Diocese]] of Sarai and Don that had developed a close relationship within the [[Diocese|Eparchy]] of Moscow. When Pitirim became Metropolitan of Krutitsy is unclear.

In 1658, when Patr. Nikon retired as [[patriarch]] of Moscow, Metr. Pitirim, acting as Nikon's deputy, took on the functions of the patriarch independent from Nikon. In late 1666, Metr. Pitirim was one of Nikon's most bitter opponents and accusers when the [[synod]] was convened that found him guilty of reviling the czar and the Church, stripped him of his priestly office, and reduced him to an ordinary [[monk]].

While Pitirim may have hoped to succeed Nikon at the time, [[Archimandrite]] [[Joasaph II of Moscow|Joasaph]] was elected patriarch in February 1667. After Joasaph died in 1672, Pitirim was then appointed patriarch and remained in the [[cathedra]] until his death a year later, in 1673.

A source notes the election of a Metr. Pitirim as Metropolitan of [[Novgorod]] on [[August 6]], 1664 and who led the eparchy until [[July 7]], 1672 before becoming Metropolitan of Krutitsy and successor to the [[see]] of Moscow.<ref>Pavel Tikhomirov, ''Kafedra Novgorodskikh Sviatitelei'' (Novgorod, 1895), Vol. 2.</ref> However, inconsistencies in chronology suggests the two Pitirims are different people.


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