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Timeline of Church History (Nicene Era (325-451))

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*425 Sanhedrin disbanded by the Roman Empire; [[w:University of Constantinople|University of Constantinople]] founded as the first university in the world.
*426 [[Augustine of Hippo]] writes ''The City of God''.
*428 [[Nestorius]] becomes patriarch of Constantinople; translation of the [[relics]] of the [[Apostle Stephen the Protomartyr]] to [[Constantinople]], found incorrupt, together with the relics of Sts. [[Nicodemus the Righteous]], [[Gamaliel]], and his son Abibus, from Jerusalem to Constantinople on [[August 2]].
*429 Pope [[Celestine of Rome|Celestine I]] dispatches prominent Gallo-Roman Bishops [[Germanus of Auxerre]] and Lupus of Troyes to Britain as missionary bishops and to combat the [[Pelagianism|Pelagian]] heresy; death of [[Sisoes the Great]].
*ca. 430 Death of [[Nilus of Sinai]].

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