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List of Bishops of Hierapolis in Asia

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{{stub}}[[Image:Roman Empire with Dioceses in 400 AD.JPG|right|thumb|200px|Province of Asia within the Roman Empire - Year 400]][[Hierapolis (Turkey)‎|Hierapolis]] of Phrygia was a bishopric seat known as the New Testament Roman province of Asia. It is located in ancient Phrygia, Turkey. Mentioned only in Colossians 4:13 where Epaphrus agonized for the Christians here. 
== Bishops of Hierapolis in Phrygia ==
* No records.
*[[Papias of Hierapolis]] (??-155)
*[[Abercius of Hieropolis]] (155-167?)* Claudius [[Apollinaris, Bishop of Hierapolis]] , and also known as Apollinaris the Apologist or Apollinarius Claudius (160-180*[blank records]?)*[[Alexander of Hierapolis (third century)|Alexander of Hierapolis]] c. 253*[[Alexander of Hierapolis (fifth century)|Alexander of Hierapolis]] c. 431  
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