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Apostle Philip (of the Twelve)

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Born in Bethsaida beside the Sea of Galilee, Philip was so well versed in the [[Holy Scripture]]s that he immediately recognized [[Jesus]] as the [[Messiah]] upon seeing him the first time. After [[Pentecost]], St. Philip preached in Asia and Greece. In Greece, the Jews hated him and the high priest even ran at him to club him to death, but miraculously this Jewish priest was blinded and turned completely black. Then the earth opened up and swallowed him. Many of the sick were healed, and many pagans believed.
St. Philip found himself in the company his sister Mariamma, the [[Apostle John]] and the [[Apostle Bartholomew]] while preaching in [[Hierapolis (Turkey)‎|Hieropolis]]. Through prayer he killed a giant snake that the pagans worshipped, which angered the unbaptized so much that they crucified him and St. Bartholomew upside-down. Again, the earth opened and swallowed his judge along with many pagans, and being terribly afraid the people rushed to bring the Apostles down from their torment. But St. Philip had already reposed.
St. Bartholomew then ordained [[Apostle Stachys|Stachys]]—whom St. Philip had healed of a forty-year blindness and [[baptism|baptized]]—as [[bishop]] for those who were baptized in that area. Later, St. Philip's [[relics]] were translated to Rome. He is numbered among the [[Apostles|Twelve Great Apostles]].
==External links==
*[ Francesco D'Andria, ''Conversion, Crucifixion and Celebration'', Biblical Archaeology Review, Vol. 37 No. 4, July/August 2011, pp34-46, p70.]
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[[ar:فيلبس الرسول]]
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