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Apostle Philip (of the Twelve)

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St. Bartholomew then ordained [[Apostle Stachys|Stachys]]—whom St. Philip had healed of a forty-year blindness and [[baptism|baptized]]—as [[bishop]] for those who were baptized in that area. Later, St. Philip's [[relics]] were translated to Rome. He is numbered among the [[Apostles|Twelve Great Apostles]].
==Discovery of Tomb==
The tomb of St. Philip was unearthed in a great discovery in the Denizli province of Turkey in 2011. The discovery took place at the Hierapolis (Pamukkale) ancient excavation site of Denizli in western Turkey on Tuesday 26 July 2011. The excavation has been going on in the area for some 32 years led by the Italian Prof. Francesco D’Andria. Prof D’Andria gave the news of the great discovery on Tuesday, saying: [i]"The discovery of the tomb of St Philip, who is a very important figure for Christianity, will make a tremendous impression in the world,"[/i] shortly after the great success of his team.
Up till now, people believed that the tomb of St. Philip was in the back hill of Hierapolis, but Italian Archaeologist Francesco D’Andria and his team discovered a new church ruin near 40 meters of the hill and the real tomb of St. Philip the Apostle is in the church.

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