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Archdiocese of Canada

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The '''Orthodox Church in America Archdiocese of Canada''' is an [[diocese|archdiocese]] of the [[Orthodox Church in America]] (OCA). Its territory includes [[parish]]es, [[monastery|monasteries]], and missions located in eight provinces and territories in Canada—Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon. The diocesan center is located in Spencerville, Ontario.
An auxiliary territorial [[See]] of the Diocese of the Aleutians and North America was established in Canada in 1916 with the installation of Bishop [[Alexander (Nemolovsky) of Brussels|Alexander (Nemolovsky)]] as its [[bishop]]. In 1940, the See was elevated to that of a territorial diocese of the Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of North America ([[Metropolia]]). In 1954, the diocese was elevated to that of an archdiocese. In 1970, the Metropolia was granted its [[autocephaly]], with the name Orthodox Church in America, with Canada as an integral Archdiocese.
The current [[Archbishop]] of Ottawa and Canada is the Most Reverend [[Seraphim (Storheim) of Ottawa|Seraphim (Storheim)]]. He was consecrated auxiliary bishop of Edmonton in 1987, and became ruling bishop of the archdiocese in 1990. He was elevated to the rank of archbishop in Spring of 2007.
==Ruling bishops==
*[[Seraphim Alexander (Nemolovsky) of Brussels|Alexander (StorheimNemolovsky) of OttawaWinnipeg]], 1990(1916-present 1919) Canada was named an Auxiliary [[See]] of the Diocese of the Aleutians and North America in 1916* [[Apollinary (Administrator as auxiliary bishop Koshevoy) of San Francisco|Apollinary (Koshevoy) of Edmonton 1987Winnipeg]] (1924-19901925)**([[Theodosius Arseny (LazorChavtsov) of WashingtonWinnipeg]] ''Locum tenens'' (1926 - 1927)* [[Emmanuel (Abo-Hatab) of Brooklyn|Emmanuel (Abo-Hatab) of Ottawa 1981Montreal]] (1927 -19901933) *[[Sylvester Jeronim (Chernov) of Detroit|Jeronim (HarunsChernov) of MontrealEastern Canada]], 1963(1936 -1981 1937)* [[Joasaph (Skorodumov) of Calgary]] (Autocephaly for OCA 1938 - 1946) Canada named a Diocese in 1970)1940*[[Anatoly Anthony (ApostlovTereschenko) of Montreal]], 1961(march -1962september 1947)**([[Leonty (Turkevich) of New York]] ''Locum locum tenens'' of Montreal 1958(1951 -19601952)*[[Nikon (de Greve) of Brooklyn|Nikon (deGrevede Greve) of Toronto]], (1952-1958 () Canada named an Archdiocese 1954)**([[Leonty (Turkevich) of New York ]] ''Locum locum tenens'' of Montreal 1951(1958 -19521960)*[[Anthony Anatoly (TereschenkoApostlov) of Montreal]], 1947(1961 -1947 1962)*[[Joasaph Sylvester (SkorodumovHaruns) of CalgaryMontreal]], 1938(1963 -1946 (Canada named a Diocese 1981) [[autocephaly]] for OCA in 1940)1970**[[Jeronim Theodosius (ChernovLazor) of Detroit|Jeronim Washington]] (Chernov) of Eastern Canada''[[Locum tenens]], '' of Ottawa 1936-1937*[[Emmanuel (Abo1981-Hatab1990) of Montreal]], 1927-1933*[[Arseny Seraphim (ChavtsovStorheim) of WinnipegOttawa]], 1926(1990-1927*2011) administrator as [[Apollinary (Koshevoy) of San FranciscoAuxiliary bishop|Apollinary (Koshevoy) of Winnipegauxiliary bishop]], 1924of Edmonton 1987-19251990**[[Alexander (Nemolovsky) of Brussels|Alexander Irénée (NemolovskyRochon) of WinnipegQuebec City]], 1916-1919 (Canada was named an Auxiliary See of the Diocese of the Aleutians and North America in 1916) 
===Earlier pre-Auxiliary See bishops===
*[[Evdokim Eudocimus (Meschersky) of Nizhny Novgorod|Eudocimus (Meschersky) of the Aleutians]] (1915-1916)*[[Platon (Rozhdestvensky) of New York|Platon (Rozhdestvensky) of the Aleutians]] (1907-1914)*[[Tikhon of Moscow|Tikhon (BelavinBellavin) of the Aleutians]] (1898-1907)  
== See also ==
* [[List of Parishes in Canada]]

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