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Christopher Reuben Spartas

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With recognition, the labors of Fr. Spartas and his friends began as they recognized that spreading the faith also meant educating the people. He began teaching English language in the school he founded that was officially private and belonged to the Church. Teaching English in Uganda at that time ran into the opposition of the colonial British government that tried to maintain its monopoly on education with a law that allowed teaching English only in state schools. This did not stop Fr. Spartas, for which he spent five years in prison.
To gain support of the new [[church]]es in East Africa, Fr. Spartas and some of his fellow priests traveled the Greece and the United States to asking for [[missionary]] help and financial aid. In 1972, the three native Ugandans were elected to become bishops, Fr. Spartas as Bishop Christopher Nilopolian, Theodore Nankyamas, and Arthur Gatung’u wa Gathunna. In 1973, they were [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] [[Auxiliary bishop|auxiliary bishops]] of the Orthodox Church.
Bishop Christopher reposed in 1982.

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