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Kollyvades Movement

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The '''Kollyvades Movement''' was a movement among some [[monk]]s of [[Mount Athos]] that began in the middle of the eighteenth century. The movement was concerned with restoration of traditional practices and opposed unwarranted innovations.
[[Image:Koliva.jpg|right|thumb|125px|Kollya offering at Vatopedi Monastery at Mt. Athos.]]
The movement derives its name from the kollyva (boiled wheat) which is used during memorial services. Its proponents were Athonite monks who adhered strictly to [[Holy Tradition]], and were opposed to unwarranted innovations. They were in favor of the frequent reception of Holy [[Communion]], and practiced unceasing [[prayer]] of the heart. They insisted that memorial services should not be performed on Sundays, because that is the day of the Lord's Resurrection. In the Orthodox Church, Saturday is the usual day for the commemoration of the dead.

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