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New Martyrs of Optina Pustyn

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[[Image:Optina new martyrs5.jpg|right|thumb|New Martyrs of Optina Pustyn.]]
In the year 1993 the Orthodox world was shocked by a tragic event, which had happened in [[Optina Monastery|Optina Hermitage]]: three inhabitants of the [[monastery]] were brutally murdered on Easter night. They were [[Hieromonk]] Vasily (Roslyakov), [[Monk]] Ferapont (Pushkarev) and Monk Trophim (Tatarinov). According to the investigator, the murderer Nikolay Averin inflicted the injuries with unusual professionalism, "deliberately—they were not too deep—to make the victim bleed to death over a long time." The knife was double-edged, five centimeters wide, and resembled a sword. It was engraved on its blade with "666" and "satan."

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