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===As a Christian===
Ecclesiastical tradition maintains that Gamaliel had embraced the Christian faith and his tolerant attitude toward the Early Christians is explained by this. According to [[Photius the Great]], he was baptized by [[Apostle Peter|Saint Peter]] and [[Apostle John|Saint John]], together with his son , and [[Nicodemus]]. The [[w:Clementine Literature|Clementine Literature]] suggested that he maintained secrecy about the conversion and continued to be a member of the Sanhedrin for the purpose of covertly assisting his fellow Christians.<ref>''[[w:Clementine literature|Recognitions of Clement]]'' 1:65-66.</ref><ref group="note"> The [[Roman Catholic Church]] views him as a Saint and listed him in the [[w:Roman Martyrology|Roman Martyrology]] for August 3. It is said that in the 5th century, by a miracle, his body had been discovered and taken to [[w:Piazza dei Miracoli#Duomo|Pisa Cathedral]] (Catholic Encyclopedia. ''[ Gamaliel]'').</ref><ref group="note">The Jewish account maintains that he remained a Pharisee until his death. Contemporary Jewish records continue to list him first among the Sanhedrin (Cheyne and Black (1903). ''[[w:Encyclopaedia Biblica|Encyclopedia Biblica]].'' New York: Macmillan).</ref>
===Burial of Sts. Stephen, Nicodemus and Abibus===
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