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Nikitas the Goth

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[[Image:NikitaMartyr(Yaroslavl).jpg|right|thumb|200px|St. Nicetas the Goth THE GREAT MARTYR- Yaroslavl second half of the 16th century.]] The Holy [[martyr]] '''Nicetas the Goth''' was a member of the Germanic tribes of the fourth century who early had accepted Christianity and bravely defended the Christian faith against those Goth who remained pagans and hostile to the [[Gospel]]. Nicestas was martyred by the pagan prince Athanaric. St. Nicetas is commemorated on September 15.
==Life==[[Saint ]] Nicetas was a Goth warrior and who lived with the Gothic tribes on the eastern side of the Danube River within the boundaries of present-day RumaniaRomania. He was a [[conversion|convert]] to Christianity of the Gothic Bishop Theophilus, the a well-known enlightener of the Goths and a participant in the First Ecumenical Council in 325, converted him to Christianity and who also had [[baptism|baptized him]] Nicetas.
At that the time, intestine there was internecine warfare arose among the Goths. At the head of one hostile side stood , in particular between Prince Athanarichus, a vehement pagan who hated Christians, and Frigentus who revenged a hater of Chris-tians. At defeat by Athanarichus with the head help of the other - Arian emperor Valens, forcing Athanarichus into exile. After Frigentus. In ' victory the bloody clash Christian Goths enjoyed a period of the armiespeace during which Bishop Hierarch Urphilus, Athanarichus was victorious, and Frigentus was forced successor to flee to ByzantiumBp. But soon Frigentus returned to his homelandTheophilus, reinforced by created the fresh troops afforded him Gothic alphabet and translated many spiritual books from Greek into Gothic. St. Nicetas participated during these time by his preaching the Emperor Valentus (364-378). Frigentus commanded that Gospel while living a pious life, which greatly aided the image confirmation of the Holy Cross be made on Christian faith among the standards of his army, as once did Constantine the Great. A second bloody battle took place, and this time Frigentus was victorious. But Athanarichus, with a small group of adherents, was saved by flightGoths.
After Frigentus' victoryHowever, favorable times ensued for Chris-tianity. Bishop Theophilus' successorafter a few years, Hierarch Urphilus (311-383), created the Gothic alphabet Athanarichus returned to his homeland with a large army and translated many spiritual books from Greek into Gothicwarfare among the Goths started again. Saint Nicetas, by As part of his preaching and his pious lifeactions, greatly assisted Athanarichus raised a fierce persecution against the confirmation of the Christian faith Christians. Nicetas, who had become a spiritual leader among the Christian Goths, denounced Athanarichus for godlessness and cruelty. He called on the faithful to be firm and not to fear martyrdom. Athanarichus soon had Nicetas seized.
After a few years, Athanarichus returned Nicetas was then given over to his homeland with cruel tortures and, finally, was thrown into a numerous armyfire where he died on September 15, and intestine warfare again started up among the Goths372. Having overcome FrigentusA friend of Nicetas, Athanarichus raised up a cruel persecution against Christian named Marianus, found his remains during the Christiansnight and transferred them to Cilicia. NicetasSince then, having become miracles and cures have occurred before the spiritual leader [[relics]] of the Christian Goths, denounced Athanarichus for godlessness and crueltyholy Martyr Nicetas. He called on A particle of his relics is held in the faithful to be firm and not to fear martyrdommonastery of Vysokie Dechany[[http://www. Soon Nicetas was seized and given over to cruel]] in Serbia.
They threw him into a fire==Hymns==[[Troparion]] - Tone 3:You defeated error and triumphed in martyrdom, and he died on 15 September 372. A friend of :Nicetas searched out his holy remains at night and transferred them to Cilicia. From that time, miracles and healings began to be performed from namesake of victory; :For you conquered the relics ranks of the holy Martyr Nicetasenemy :And ended your contest by fire. A particle of the relics of the Great-martyr Nicetas is found in the monastery of Vysokie Dechany in Serbia:Pray to Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.
[[Kontakion]] - Tone 2
:You stood firm and defeated delusion
:And have received your martyr's crown,
:Nicetas, namesake of victory;
:You are rejoicing with the angels,
:Together with them you are praying unceasingly to Christ God for us all.
*[ Great-martyr Nicetas the Goth]
*[ Greatmartyr Nicetas the Goth]
*[ The Holy Martyr Nicetas]
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