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Timeline of Schisms

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Roman Catholic: 1945
*1889 In southern India 5000 Catholics broke from Rome over an organizational dispute, and formed the ''Independent Catholic Church of Ceylon, Goa and India'' (i.e. the ''Jacobite Church of Ceylon, Goa and India''; today this is a self-governing branch of the [[Church of India|Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church]], known as the [[Brahmavar (Goan) Orthodox Church]], a uniate faction under the Indian Orthodox Church).
*1889 Federation of [[w:Old Catholic Church|Old Catholic Churches]], not in communion with Rome, at the [[w:Union of Utrecht (Old Catholic)|Union of Utrecht]].
*1945 Bp. [[w:Carlos Duarte Costa|Carlos Duarte Costa]] of Botucatu (in Brazil), a strong advocate for the liberal reform of the Roman Church since the 1930s, was finally excommunicated by the Vatican on July 2, 1945, in particular for his criticisms of Vatican foreign policy during World War II toward Nazi Germany; in 1945 Bp. Costa became the founder and first patriarch of the [[w:Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church|Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church]], an independent Roman Catholic Church (claiming 58 dioceses and five million members in 17 countries, as of 2007).
*1957 The "[[w:Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association|Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association]]" (the official state-approved Church) is established by the People's Republic of China's Religious Affairs Bureau, to exercise state supervision over mainland China's Catholics; the unofficial (Papal) Church continues function as a separate entity.
*1970 In opposing the changes within the Church associated with the Second Vatican Council, French Roman Catholic Archbishop [[w:Marcel Lefebvre|Marcel Lefebvre]] founded the [[w:Society of St. Pius X|Society of St. Pius X]] (SSPX), which is still the world's largest [[w:Traditionalist Catholic|Traditionalist Catholic]] priestly society, composed of 4 bishops and 463 priests, 85 brothers, 75 oblates and 160 seminarians.

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