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Life-Giving Spring

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In Orthodox hymnography, the ''Theotokos'' is frequently compared with a ''Holy Fountain''. The hymns and prayers of the feast are combined with the Paschal hymns, and there is often a Lesser [[Holy water|Blessing of Waters]] performed after the [[Divine Liturgy]] on [[w:Easter Friday|Bright Friday]]. In old [[Church of Russia|Russia]], continuing Greek traditions, there was a custom to sanctify springs that were located near churches, dedicate them to the [[Theotokos|Holy Mother]], and paint icons of her under [[Theotokonymia|the title ]] ''The Life Giving Spring''.<ref>Kristina Kondratieva (Global Art Communications project). ''[ Panagia The Life Giving Spring].'' Yuriy Kuznetsov: Icons of the XXI Century. Accessed: 2011-05-19.</ref>
[[Troparion|Apolytikion]] in the Third Tone<ref name="GOARCH">[[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America]]. ''[ Renewal Friday: Theotokos of the Lifegiving Font].''</ref>

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