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Metropolis of Paphos

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==Ottoman rule==
In 1570, the [[Ottoman empire|Ottoman]] Turks expelled the Latins from the island and restored to the Orthodox the Church of Cyprus as a measure to achieve a peaceful occupation. By mid seventeenth century, the Diocese of Paphos, as well as the [[Archdiocese]] of Cyprus and the [[Diocese]]s of Kiti and Kerynia were restored. Under Turkish rule the dioceses gradually took on an ethnic rule of being champions of the people of Cyprus over that of the invaders. The bishops of Paphos often joined with the archbishop and other bishops of Cyprus in actions of defense of the faithful of Cyprus. In 1609 and 1617, Bp. Leontois joined in an appeal to Philippe III of Spain asking assistance in liberating them from the Turks. In 1765, Bp. Chrysanthos joined Abp. Paisios and Bp. Chrysanthos of Kerynia for financial help and intervention to suppress Turkish riots.
In 1783, Bp. [[Panaretos of Paphos|Panaretos]] and Abp. Chrysanthos, traveling to Constantinople, were able to obtain the dismissal of the tyranical Turkish governor Chatzimpakki of Cyprus. After his death in 1790, Patr. Gerasimos III led the [[glorification]] of Bp. Panaretos as a [[saint]] in 1794.

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