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Nikanor (Bogunović) of Banat

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{{stub}}His Grace Bishop Nikanor was ordained into the Episcopal rank in 1984, receiving the title of (Vicar) Bishop of Hvostno (Vicar to the Serbian Patriarch).
{{start box}}{{succession|before=[[Sava Following the repose of Slavonia|Sava]] (Patriarchal)<br>[[Luka the Serbian Patriarch German, he was elected Bishop of Western Europe|Luka]] (New Gracanica)|title=Upper Karlovac. He was forced to flee his diocese with his flock in 1995 during the ethnic cleansing of Slavonia, Dalmatia and Lika committed by Croatian and NATO forces. After a brief stay in the Zica diocese, he was elected Bishop of Australia and New Zealand (Serbian)|years=and enthroned in January 2000-2003|.after=[[Milutin (Knezevic) of Australia and New Zealand|Milutin (Knezevic)]]}}{{end box}}In 2004, His Grace was elected Bishop of Banat, following the election of then Bishop of Banat Hrizostom to the vacant Zica diocese.
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