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Lazar (Puhalo) of Ottawa

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[[Image:Lazar (Puhalo) of Ottawa-Bible.JPG|thumb|250px|Archbishop Lazar presenting a homily]]
His Eminence, the Most Reverend '''Lazar (Puhalo) of Ottawa'''(born Ronald Haler), is a retired hierarch of the [[Orthodox Church in America]], and is the founding [[abbot]] of the [[Monastery of All Saints of North America (Dewdney, British Columbia)|Monastery of All Saints of North America]], Canada. A contemporary ''episcopus vagans'', he has served as a clergyman, in various ranks, in the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]], the Free Serbian Orthodox Church, the [[Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece]], the [[Holy Synod of Milan]], the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kyiv Patriarchate), and the [[Orthodox Church in America]]. Archbishop Lazar is known for his prolific (and, at times, controversial) theological writings, particularly regarding his criticism of the Orthodox teaching of the [[Aerial Toll-Houses]].
Archbishop Lazar is known for his prolific (and, at times, controversial) theological writings, particularly regarding his criticism of the aerial toll house teaching of the Orthodox Church.
==Biographical timeline==
*In 1968: , Visiting [[Mount Athos|Mt Athos]], Lev Puhalo and [[Varlaam (Novakshonoff) of Vancouver|Vasili Novakshonoff ]] discussed idea of founding a Canadian Orthodox [[monastery]]. Some [[monk]]s on Mt Athos advise them not to delay. Struggle begins in a tiny hut with a dirt floor east of Rosedale, BC. Vasili continued employment at a library to finance both the monastery and missionary work.
*1969 ~Nov: Platform of scrap lumber built over half of the floor.
*1969-70: A damp and cold winter found the roof with many leaks, and the hut poorly constructed. Two sheets of plastic, stretched over a rope line, with a kerosene burner between them, became the first cells. Kitchen was on the dirt part of the hut, consisting of a Coleman stove and a tap with cold water.
*1976: Deacon Lev returns to resume development of monastery. He travels a lot, lecturing and giving talks to youth. During this time he develops a sympathy for those Orthodox who lived away from a [[church]]. He often travelled as much as 10,000 miles on buses in a year for those who are isolated or those who request talks.
*1980: Deacon Lev is ordered to cease lecturing in parishes on the subject of the toll houses{{ref|1}} by the [[Synod]] of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. He was deposed by ROCOR for disobeying his bishop by continuing to preach his heresy of "soul sleep", and "for having entered a jurisdiction not in communion with ROCOR" and went to the schismatic [[Free Serbian Church]].
[[Image:puhalo.jpg|left|thumb|320px300px|Archbishop Lazar Puhalo, censing an icon of Fr. [[Seraphim (Rose)]].]]
*1981 Mar: In response to a 1980 request from a small group of Romanian Canadians who wished to worship in the monastery [[chapel]], [[Bishop]] Ireney of New Gracanica ordains Deacon Lev to the [[priest]]hood for the newly-formed parish of St Tikhon and for the monastery, and [[tonsure]]d him with the name ''Lazar''. Later, Fr Lazar tonsures Vasili with the name ''Varlaam''.
*1983: Fr Lazar offers to help a group of Serbs found a parish in Los Angeles, with services conducted in Church Slavonic and English.
*1984: The feast of the ''Theotokos, Joy of Canada'' was established when Metr. Ireney of New Gracanica presented the Monastery with a small [[icon]] of the [[Theotokos]] as a blessing.
*1985: The parish of St Nicholas, Langley, British Columbia, appealed to the monastery for help and for a priest, and so became the second English-language Orthodox parish in Western Canada.
*Because of the unavailability of locally obtainable pure beeswax candles, Fr Varlaam built a small [[candle ]] factory to produce hand-dipped, pure beeswax candles in the parishes and the monastery.
*1988: Fr. Lazar joins the [[Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece]] and is raised to the status of [[archimandrite]] by Metropolitan Paisios of North and South America.
*1990: Archimandrite Lazar is received by the [[Holy Synod of Milan]]{{ref|2}} and is consecrated as Bishop of Vancouver by Metropolitan Evlogios of Milan, Archbishop Gregorios of Turin, and Bishop Vigile of Paris.
*1996: The monastery, without a canonical release, moved under the omophorion of the schismatic [[Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kiev Patriarchate)]]. Patriarch Volodymyr (Romaniuk) elevated Bp Lazar to Archbishop, and consecrated Fr Varlaam as Bishop of Vancouver befor his death in 1995.
*1997: Holy Synod of Milan breaks communion wih Kiev Patriarchate over questions concerning canonicity of [[Filaret (Denisenko)]]]. Abp Lazar joins with Kiev Patriarchate over protests of his ordaining hierarch. Metr Evlogios of Milan calls Abp Lazar to repent.
*2002: In a "Repentant Declaration" addressed to the Holy Synod of the OCA, dated 10/21/2002, Archbishop Lazar stated "I wish to express my sincere regret and repentance for my years of involvement in Orthodox Church bodies outside the Canonical Orthodox Church. While my long involvement with schismatic bodies such as the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, the Greek Old Calendarist bodies and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev, was well-intentioned and motivated by a love of Orthodoxy, it was an error. I deeply regret this error and sincerely repent for it."
*2003: Monastery received into the [[OCA|Orthodox Church in America]] by [[oikonomia]]; Abp. Lazar received as a retired bishop with the title ''Archbishop of Ottawa''. Although in retirement from active hierarchal duties, Archbishop Lazar currently serves the Orthodox Church in America as the Civil Liaison for the Archdiocese of Canada with the Government of Canada.
*2007: Abp Lazar and Bp Varlaam turn St Nicholas Canadian Orthodox Church in Langley over to the Archdiocese of Canada. Regular services established at the Canadian Orthodox Monastery of All Saints of North America.
==Published works==
*''The Creation and Fall'', Dewdney, B.C.: Synaxis Press, 1986.
*''Culture, Commonweal, and Personhood'', Dewdney, B.C.: Synaxis Press, 2011.
*''The Evidence of Things Not Seen'', Dewdney, B.C.: Synaxis Press, 2007.
*''Freedom to Believe'', Dewdney, B.C.: Synaxis Press, 2010.
*''The Icon as Scripture'', Dewdney, B.C.: Synaxis Press, 2009.
*''The Impact of Byzantine Christian Thought On Medicine'', Dewdney, B.C.: Synaxis Press, 2002.
*''Lives of Saints for Young People (12 vols.)'', Dewdney, B.C.: Synaxis Press, 1976.
*''Meleti: Spiritual Talks of Archbishop Lazar'', Dewdney, B.C.: Synaxis Press.
*''The Most Holy Theotokos'', Dewdney, B.C.: Synaxis Press, 1999.
*''The Mystery and Meaning of Gender and Human Sexuality'', Dewdney, B.C.: Synaxis Press, 2010.
*''Not By Bread Alone: Sermons on Matthew'', Dewdney, B.C.: Synaxis Press, 2011.
*''On Orthodox Christian Systematic Prayer'', Dewdney, B.C.: Synaxis Press, 1999.
*''On the Neurobiology of Sin'', Dewdney, B.C.: Synaxis Press, 2010.
*''The Soul, the Body, and Death'', Dewdney, B.C.: Synaxis Press, 2010.
*''The Tale of Basil "the New" and the Theodora Myth: Study of a Gnostic Document and a General Survey of Gnosticism'', Dewdney, B.C.: Synaxis Press 1999.
*''Thinking Theologically: "The Mystic and the Lawyer"'', Dewdney, B.C.: Synaxis Press.
*''Twelve Great Feast Days'', Dewdney, B.C.: Synaxis Press.
*''Ye That Stand in the House of the Lord'', Dewdney, B.C.: Synaxis Press, 2004.
*[ The Canadian Orthodox Monastery of All Saints of North America] (New Ostrog)
*[ Othodox Canada Journal]
*[ Synaxis Press]
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