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'''Idiomelon''' ([[w:Greek language|Greek]]: ''idio'', "unique" + ''melon'', "melody"; [[Church Slavonic]]: ''samoglasen'')—pl. ''idiomela''—is a [[sticheron]] which originally had it's own tune, and did not follow that of any other.<ref>Fr. Laurence (Campbell), ed., ''The Unabbreviated Horologion or Book of the Hours'', 2nd Ed. (Brick, NJ:Yes Press, 1995), p 328.</ref>
An idiomelon is is assigned to one of the [[w:eight tones|eight tones]] of [[Byzantine chant]], is not patterned on any other [[hymn ]] in terms of [[w:Meter (hymn)|meter]], content, or melody, and do does not serve as models a model or patterns pattern for other hymns of the same textual category. These include, for example, stichera of the Resurrection, stichera of Great Feasts, etc . It melodically follows the schema of the tone and yet is usually eccentric in its metre.

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