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Palm Sunday

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[[Image:Palm _Sunday.jpg|right|frame|The Triumphal Entry]]
'''Palm Sunday''', also called the '''Triumphal Entry''', is one of the [[Great Feasts]] of the [[Orthodox Church]], celebrated on the [[Sunday]] before [[Pascha]].  On this day the Church celebrates the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem in the days before the Jewish Passover. A mere few days before His [[crucifixion]], [[Jesus Christ]] was received by adoring throngs at his entry into Jerusalem on the back of a young donkey. The believers meet him, and spread out before him his clothes and olive branches.
When He and His students approached the city [[Jerusalem]], He ordered them to go to the near-by village, and bring him the donkey and his little who were tied-up in the beginning of the village. If they were asked, they should say that this was God's will.
When the people knew that the donkey was for Jesus, they did not prevent his students. They gave Him the donkey, and He solemnly entered Jerusalem. The news of the resurrection of Lazarus already got ahead and thousands of people went to Bethany to meet him.

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