Seraphim (Jovanović) of Raška and Prizren

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Bishop Seraphim (Jovanović) of Raška and Prizren (18751945) was bishop of Serbian Orthodox Church.

He was born in Prizren in 1875 where he attended an Orthodox Seminary. He graduated at the Moscow Theological Academy and received ordination as a hieromonk on June 16, 1902 in the church of St. Alexander Nevski in Skodra.

Prior to his election to the bishop's throne he worked as a professor at the Prizren Seminary.

December 23, 1920 he ordained bishop of Zletovo-Struma (today Macedonia).

October 29, 1928 he was elected bishop of Raška and Prizren Diocese.

At the very beginning of the war Bishop Serafim was forced to leave his throne in Prizren and found a temporary shelter in Decani Monastery. There he was arrested and deported to a special concentration camp in Albania where he was tortured and humiliated in most brutal way.

He died from his injuries following this prison abuse on January 13, 1945 and was buried in Tirana.