Pantanaeus of Alexandria

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Pantanaeus of Alexandria was an early Christian and theologian of the Church of Alexandria who is the earliest known leader of the Catechetical School of Alexandria in the late second century.


Little is known of his life. Pantanaeus was a convert to Christianity from Stoicism who, during his involvement in the catechetical school, had shared in evangelization in India about the year 189 as a missionary and returned to Alexandria with an Aramaic version of the Gospel of St. Matthew.

None of his works have survived. It is to his successor, Titus Flavius Clemens, that we have the scant information available about Pantanaeus. Additionally, Eusebius of Caesarea recorded the travels of Pantanaeus to India.

His two immediate successors at the catechetical school were Clement of Alexandria and Origen. The date of his death is uncertain but probably occurred the year 200 or shortly thereafter.


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