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Here is a list I saw in my church bulletin from 2006-06-25 (Research, more than likely, done by our subdeacon):

Holy Martyr Maxim (Sandovich) of Gorlice; Holy Martyr Ludmila; St. Procopius of Sazava; St. Rostislav, Prince and Confessor; Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Equals to the Apostles; Holy Martyr Wenceslas; Holy Father and Confessor Alexis of Wilkes-Barre; St. Moses the Hungarian; Holy Martyr Gorazd, Bishop of Prague; Holy Father and Confessor Alexis of Khust; Blessed Paul of Presov; Blessed Theodora Romzha of Uzhorod.

Hope this helps. 2006-11-10 Joe

Aha! Upon inspection of your list, I found that we do have an article for Gorazd, so I added him into the category. Looks like we still need Moses the Hungarian, Alexis of Khust, Paul of Presov, and Theodora Romzha, among others, I'm sure. Gabriela 20:47, November 10, 2006 (PST)