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This note is intended to highlight areas where more information is needed about the diocesan structure of the Alexandria Patriarchate. The articles in this category concerning the dioceses of the Alexandria Patriarchate are based on the diocesan section of the patriarchate's website. The website, which uses the diocese names as titles on the page, generally presents biographical information about current ruling bishop, sometime with a short description of the area of the diocese and the year of its establishment, but with little or no information on the history of the diocese or past bishops. Thus, information about the development of the dioceses, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa are missing. Additionally, no hint is given as to how new dioceses were formed, that is, was it out of an earlier larger diocese or in new territory.

Of course for very old dioceses getting much of this history is very difficult for a Patriarchate that goes back to St. Mark. If possible the history of the dioceses for the twentieth century would be nice for presentation in Orthodoxwiki.

Among the anomalies and missing information are names of dioceses are mentioned which differ in name from the current diocese name. These include:

the diocese of Kenya and Irenopolis and the diocese of Kenya. Are these the same diocese for which the name has changed, or is it the result of a division of the diocese because of growth?
bishops were named to the see 'of Bukoda', but the current bishop is 'of Mwanza'. Both cities are in the same general area of Africa, so is this a change in the see of the diocese? Bukoda is not on the Alexandria website.
mention is made of a diocese of Dar Es Salaam as if it were an older diocese. What became of it? Was it divided into a number of dioceses?
mention is made of Babylon (Old Cairo), but is not mentioned as a diocese on the website. Is this a titular see?
mention is made that the diocese of Tripolis that includes Carthage, yet the diocese of Carthage still exists. Later Tripolis was divided with no specific mention of Carthage. Was this a reformation of the areas of the dioceses that re-established Carthage?

Thus, there is a lot of missing information about the dioceses of the Alexandria Patriarchate that can be added. With the expansion of the missionary efforts in the sub-Saharan Africa, many changes can be expected in the coming years that contributors to Orthodoxwiki can provide. Wsk 18:48, August 9, 2008 (UTC)