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/archived discussion 1 (through 09-07-2005)


OrthodoxWiki and WikiKto


I would have wished to know if a partnership could be found between OrthoxWiki and WikiKto, a free catholic encyclopedia. To mean, this exchange, I indicated on the banner page of WikiKto, a bond towards your encyclopedia. If you agree, want to mean it to me in my page : [1]

Tanks, David Dias

Japan Pictures

My father-in-law, Victor Pokrovsky, was the choir director for Met. Sergius. So many of the pictures from his collection that my wife now has. Also, Matushka Maria from the Nagoya Church has given me electronic copies of the 'ancient' times of the church. Sometimes I loose track of what I may have access to.

It is really interesting to read about these old missionaries and wonder how many people from today will so remembered in the same manner in the future. Wsk 12:46, 16 Sep 2005 (EDT)

A brother's attack on the Coptic Church of Alexandria

Please carefully read HH Pope Shenouda III's The Nature of Christ before attacking us! Also watch HH Patriarch Bartholomew I video and his comments on the Coptic Church and her perfect Christological position. Those who invented monothelism were the Greek Orthodox. "The ease with which Egypt was conquered by Muslims appears to have been due to the treachery of the governor of Egypt, Patriarch Cyrus [2], Melchite (i.e., Byzantine/Chalcedonian Orthodox, not Coptic) Patriarch of Alexandria, and the incompetence of the generals of the Byzantine forces. Cyrus had persecuted the local Coptic Christians. He is one of the authors of monothelism, a seventh century heresy, and some supposed him to have been secretly a convert to Islam." I appeal to Fr John to interfere in this matter, and until resolved I won't be contributing to Orthodox Wiki any longer. In Christ, --Arbible

Thanks, and Official Statements

Many thanks, Father John. Please forgive me, a great sinner, and remember me in your fervent prayers.

You may find these Official Statements useful for the ongoing discussion/planned article:

Other related documents:

On Patrick Barnes' site

This site does not "speak for the Orthodox Church" as its Webmaster rightly states in its 'About this Site' page. The page has many errors; for example, its stating that we haven't excommunicated Eutyches, which is totally wrong, as we all know. Thanks. God Bless.

...but it is an external link

No it does not speak for the Chalcedonian Orthodox churches, but it clearly states that and it is offered as an external link which the reader of Orthodox wiki may or may not click on at his or her own discretion.



I would be happy if the details of this discussion could be presented in a dispassionate manner on the Oriental Orthodox page. Remember, the goal is to present the thinking behind the different sides of the issue. I hope this could be a great tool for mutual understanding. Fr. John P.S. Hey you guys, please sign your names with three tildes to make it easier to access your user pages!

Thanks. Please check out 'Talk:Fourth Ecumenical Council'

Thank you very much+ arbible

Thank you again, Father. Done as suggested. These are all public domain articles (the Coptic Synaxarium text is not copyrighted, neither are HH Pope Shenouda III writings, of which also only a short excerpt is presented (fair use), and/or are 1990s Coptic apologetic writings intended by their writers for wide dissemination by all means (at that time via mail lists and early Web sites). They have been lightly copyedited, e.g., correcting the names of Emperor Justinian and Proterius the Melchite Patriarch, and adding relevant external links. These Coptic apologetics also appeared in our freeware work, Encyclopedia of the First Millennium of Christianity 1998 - Second Edition. See also (not sure if Orthodox Wiki should also keep a copy of this important historical document). It states (among other key declarations), "The (Chalcedonian) Orthodox agree that the Oriental Orthodox will continue to maintain their traditional cyrillian terminology of 'one nature of the incarnate Logos' (mia fusiV tou qeou logou sesarkwmenh), since they acknowledge the double consubstantiality of the Logos which Eutyches denied. The Orthodox also use this terminology. The Oriental Orthodox agree that the Orthodox are justified in their use of the two-natures formula, since they acknowledge that the distinction is β€˜in thought alone (th qewria monh). Cyril interpreted correctly this use in his letter to John of Antioch and his letters to Acacius of Melitene (PG 77, 184-201). to Eulogius (PG 77. 224-228) and to Succensus (PG 77, 228-245)." In Christ, --Arbible

Wikipedia lifts

Father, are we allowed to copy-and-paste Wikipedia materially directly into OrthodoxWiki? Should there be some attribution? Thanks! --Dpr 20:29, 12 Oct 2005 (EDT)

Thanks for your quick reply--an angel of the Internet ;) Anyway, I plan, when I participate in this Wiki, to do a great deal of Wikipedia importing and modifying...esp. considering there's a LOT more Christian material on that Wiki than this! Best wishes in Him, Dpr 23:23, 12 Oct 2005 (EDT)
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