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Programmer engineer doing a PhD in Computer science and student at Theology.

The wisest man in the World was Solomon and he didn't study at Harvard or Yale or Oxford, not that this studying is bad. He prayed to God for wisdom. In my understanding praying for wisdom should not hurt anybody so it is probably a great idea to be done. Also Jesus is truth and praying to God to find the truth about all religions and denominations can not hurt also. To be sure we can pray also for whatever we will learn to be useful. So far, the people that I learn about that prayed to go to best religion and denomination arrived at Eastern Orthodoxy.


  • -if Creation can go back to a state without sin
  • -understanding salvation individual and in groups and what are the ways to go to Heaven and back in this life and in after life
  • -understanding why even if God's power is infinite and people can access infinite power of God through prayer, there is still evil on the planet and evil is no thoroughly defeated
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