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Key articles on contributing to Wikis
Key articles on contributing to Wikis
[[Help:How_to_write_a_great_article|Writing articles]] | [[Wikipedia:WP:Verifiability|Verifiability]] | [[Wikipedia:WP:CITE|Citing sources]]<sup>[]</sup> | [[Wikipedia:WP:RS|Reliable sources]] | [[Wikipedia:WP:Avoid_weasel_words|Weasel words]]
[[Help:How_to_write_a_great_article|Writing articles]] | [[Wikipedia:WP:Verifiability|Verifiability]] | [[Wikipedia:WP:CITE|Citing sources]]<sup>[]</sup> | [[Wikipedia:WP:RS|Reliable sources]] | [[Wikipedia:WP:Avoid_weasel_words|Weasel words]] | [[Wikipedia:Naming_conventions|Naming_conventions]]
For creating images
For creating images

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[edit] About Me

I am a reader, contributor, editor, and sysop here at the OW. If you would like to learn more about me you can visit my home page, However, I can't promise you will find lots of engaging information there. If you are more interested in my spiritual life you can read the About Joe page on my site.


[edit] My Work Here

For now, I am taking somewhat of a back-burner role here. I will most likely be monitoring Recent changes to the Wiki and editing pages that directly apply to topics I am researching. I still have an interest in working with the Help wanted and Special pages and also developing the template that introduces new readers to a broad overview of the Orthodox church.

I also am curious about making clarifications and suggestions for the Style Manual. For instance, I would like to help keep pages clear and concise. Having really long pages runs the risk of a lot of page scrolling. On the other hand, I am learning that short pages have their own problems. Other than that, I have been organizing conversion stories. In addition to this, I hope to get some maps created.

[edit] My subpages

[edit] Helpful links

Key articles on contributing to Wikis

Writing articles | Verifiability | Citing sources[1] | Reliable sources | Weasel words | Naming_conventions

For creating images

Blank_maps | map sources | Census maps | Public domain images

SealLogo2.gif This user is an active sysop on OrthodoxWiki. Feel free to ask for help.

Wiki markup

Wiki markup | Image markup

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