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  • Come, O faithful, let us work zealously for the Master,
    For He distributes wealth to His servants.
    Let each of us according to his ability increase his talent of grace:
    Let one be adorned in wisdom through good works; let another celebrate a service in splendor.
    The one distributes his wealth to the poor; the other communicates the word to those untaught.
    Thus we shall increase what has been entrusted to us, and, as faithful stewards of grace,
    We shall be accounted worthy of the Master's joy.
    Make us worthy of this, O Christ our God, in Thy love for mankind.

    - Aposticha from Bridegroom Matins of Great and Holy Tuesday
  • “When I see my best friend coming I do not say to myself ‘How am I going to manage propgandizing him?’
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