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* Put all images for logo contest into Category:OrthodoxWiki Images and fix up logo pages.
* Put all images for logo contest into Category:OrthodoxWiki Images and fix up logo pages.
====A note from Magda====
====A note from Magda====

Revision as of 21:35, November 28, 2005

This is Fr. John's personal to-do list. I won't get mad if you get to these things before I do!

  • Introduce focus on Bible articles
  • I'd like to clarify the distinction between the different users roles: bureaucrat, administrator, sysop, and regular Joe.
  • Put all images for logo contest into Category:OrthodoxWiki Images and fix up logo pages.

A note from Magda

I did the best I could to go through the image list (Special:Imagelist) and zap things which didn't have categories (or enough categories).

However, I still had some unresolved issues. (I may not have all of them, since my computer hiccuped around F and I hadn't saved the file I was keeping at that point.)

Here are those issues:

OrthodoxWiki Images? Image:AltarLogo-small.PNG Image:ChurchesLogo-small.PNG Image:Churchsun.jpg Image:DEOWlogo1.png Image:DEOWlogo2.png Image:Favicon-large.png Image:HagiaSophiaLogo-small.PNG Image:HagiaSophiaLogo2-small.PNG Image:ICXCNIKA.gif Image:Logoidea-gfisken-small.png Image:Northstar.jpg Image:OW LogoSilver.gif Image:OWlogo.gif Image:OWlogo2.gif Image:Orthodoxwiki-logo2-black.png Image:Orthodoxwiki-logo2-color-nika.png Image:Orthodoxwiki-logo2-color.png Image:Owcrossstar.jpg Image:Redcirclelogo.gif Image:Rublevpupillogo1a.jpg Image:Rublevpupillogo2.jpg Image:Rublevpupillogo3a.jpg Image:Rublevpupillogo4.jpg Image:Wiki.gif Image:Wiki.jpg Image:Wiki2.jpg Image:Wiki3.JPG - perhaps delete this one? Image:Wiki3.jpg Image:Wiki Logo.jpg

Images of Hierarchs? Image:Apostles Communion.jpg Image:Calling Apostles.jpg Image:Ephrem the Syrian repose.jpg

Images of Churches? other tomb/shrine-related images, including: Image:Four Martyrs tomb.jpg Image:StBishoyIncorruptRelics.jpg Image:St Alban Shrine.jpg

Images of Priests? Image:FrJustin.jpg Image:Long john.jpg Image:Thefamily10-05.jpg

Crosses? Image:Orthodox America flag.gif

Icons? Image:PopeDioscorosI.jpg Image:PopePeterVII(109th).jpg

Oriental Orthodox Images? Image:StAthanasiusShrineinStMarkCathedralCairo.jpg

issues: Image:Kolomenskoe Spassky Gate Entrance.hires.jpg - is trying to use some images in a copyright template that OrthodoxWiki doesn't have, or doesn't link to Image:St-mavra.jpg - User:Dlavdas took picture: see talk page

duplications: Image:Wiki3.JPG - perhaps delete this one? Image:Wiki3.jpg

Image:With%20Pope%20John%20Paul%20II-2.jpg Image:With Pope John Paul II-2.jpg

Image:With%20Pope%20John%20Paul%20II.gif Image:With Pope John Paul II.gif

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