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Hi, my online alias is CircularReason because Parmenides points out that the One, which is the most reasonable thing of all, is like a sphere.

I'm a 27 year-old graduate student from Orange County, California (just outside Los Angeles). I grew up in the Vineyard Community Church but left when I became disillusioned with the music-centered worship style and the general ethos of the charismatic movement. I ended up visiting an Episcopalian church for several years before discovering the Ancient Faith. I also got into the American Transcendental meditation community, investing heavily in daily meditation taught by Herbert Benson M.D., and the likes of John Main and Thomas Keating, all the best elements of which are inherent to the Orthodox tradition.

I studied History and Philosophy in a Great Books program at Biola University, and am now pursuing a Master's degree in Applied Orthodox Theology from St. Stephen's seminary in New Jersey. Meanwhile I teach high school (if leading Socratic discussions may be called "teaching"), write, blog, and manage a formal Socratic book club for Christians of all denominations.

As a classically educated fellow, I lean heavily on old books as a reliable source of wisdom, and I trust in the patient, careful, intelligent conversation to chip away my false opinions and lead me towards the truth.

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